The Directorate of the Quality Assurance aims at improving the quality of education, research and learning process to support all the various departments and faculties of Cihan University-Erbil.

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Placing Cihan University-Erbil, in the list of the distinguished regionally, nationally and internationally universities and moving from teaching to learning method.

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Strategic Goals

The Quality Assurance Unit seeks to be an active center for quality assurance to maintain the desired excellence at all levels at the university.

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Greetings and welcome to the website of the Quality Assurance Unit at Cihan University

On Thursday 9/2/2017 the Presidency of Cihan University-Erbil conducted a meeting. The meeting was led by Dr. Fuad Shareef, the President of the University and the Vice Presidents of the University.  The purpose of the meeting was the execution of the decisions that have been made on the first meeting of the Cihan University group on 4/2/2017 for the quality and assurance. The main axis of discussion were, the scientific activities in general and how to document them. At the end of the meeting the ways of collaborating between the departments have been discussed for the upcoming activities.

On 16/3/2017, A workshop was run by the quality assurance department and held in Cihan University on the process of quality assurance and quality improvement and their effect on higher education system development. The workshop was presented by, Professor Mohamed Al-Rubeai, Emeritus Professor in UCD, Ireland; Adviser to Cihan University. It aimed to upgrade knowledge and enhance skills of the participants in understanding and developing QA systems and implementing QA activities for improvement of education and research processes.