Quality Assurance at Cihan University- Erbil

Cihan University wishes you a very successful academic year ahead and thank you for the understanding and collaboration. With the great respect to the Ministry of higher education and scientific research in Kurdistan Region, support of Board of Trusties, Executive Management and collaboration of respected Teaching Staff, Cihan University-Erbil quality assurance office aims at:

  • High quality in teaching
  • Students satisfaction
  • Academic research
  • International accreditation
  • Community service
  • Environmental participating process
  • Globalization
  • National and International Ranking.
  • Teaching staff self assessment

Cihan University has grown from a college to university since 2007, from an institution offering different undergraduate courses (e.g. Accounting, Architectural Engineering, Business Administration, Banking, Civil Engineering, Communication Engineering, Computer Sciences, English Language and Literature, Health Administration, International Relations, Law, Media, Sports Science, and Translation)

Cihan University-Erbil has altered from being teaching- centered to learning center and diversifying its activities to include, bench marking, research and community service. In addition, Cihan University main journey is towards achieving excellent National and International Accreditation and Ranking. It is continuous to attain higher goals, which are internationalization.

Quality Assurance at Cihan University believes that the secret of the success stems are from two important supports; an ethical foundation that knows the importance of perfection in work, which is the essence of any quality management system, and the belief that quality is the product of an on-going process of learning and improving all aspects of services.

We shall show our appreciation to all Cihan University-Erbil family, efforts in achieving quality in your own positions, whatever it is, and thank you immensely for your valuable contribution to making Cihan University a center of excellence and leadership.

Director of Quality assurance