Python for Data Analysis

For the purpose of developing the skills and capabilities of teachers and staff in various scientific departments, Cihan University – Erbil organizes a training course in the field of “Python for Data Analysis”.
With the participation of (20) teachers and employees, the training course started on Saturday, 29/5/2021 in one of the laboratories of the Computer Science Department at the university. The course lasts for (8) days and three hours per day. The head of the Computer Science Department, as well as a number of teachers, participate in the progress of the training course. Where participants in the course are trained to analyze data and information in scientific research theoretically and practically.
This course contributes to developing the level of participants in analyzing data used in writing research in a modern way. At the end of the course in (14/6/2021) participants will be able to collect and enter data and analyze it scientifically.

Course Description

Data analysis is the process of collecting, modeling, and analyzing data to extract insights that support decision-making. There are several methods and techniques to perform analysis depending on the industry and the aim of the analysis.

This training course focuses on the skills needed for data analysts to analyze large volumes of data efficiently and exploring valuable patterns inside the data or predicting targets. For this purpose, using programming tools like Python or R programming languages for mining large amounts of complex data is undeniable. The course aims to introduce trainees to and familiarize them with the functionalities of Python libraries for data analysis and data science. Additionally, some real-world data analysis applications in finance, marketing and business will be covered during the training course.

The training course on “Python for Data Analysis”, is organized by Cihan University – Erbil for academic staff and employees of Cihan University – Erbil. The training course will be delivered daily in 4 hours in duration of 6 days.

Course Requirements

This training course covers general concepts of data analysis and its techniques for analyzing different types of data. Therefore, the candidates should have a basic understanding of the programming languages as well as data analysis concepts.

Course Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Extract and prepare data for data analysis;
  • Analyze large amounts of data by using Python programming tool;
  • Develop their Python programming skills for exploratory data analysis;
  • Develop predictive analytics


Assist. Lect. Saman Mohamad Taher

Assist. Lect. Soma Aziz Muhammad

Starting Date: 29/5/2021

Ending Date: 14/6/2021

Time: 12:00pm to 3:00pm

Duration: 8 days (Three Hours Per a Day)


Course Outline 

Days Topics

Day 1


·         Overview on Data Analysis

·         Why Python for Data Analysis?

·         Getting Familiar with Anaconda Spyder IDE

·         Google Colaboratory


Day 2


·         Python Libraries for Data Analysis and Data Science

·         Installing Required Libraries

·         Introduction to NumPy Library

·         Introduction to Pandas Library


Day 3


·         Importing Datasets in Python

·         Working with Data

·         Preprocessing Data in Python


Day 4



·         Introduction to Predictive Analytics Models

·         Stock Market Analysis

Day 5  

·         Introduction to Exploratory Analysis

·         Statistical Prerequisites for Data Analysis


Day 6



·         Statistical Data Visualization (matplotlib Library)

·         Statistical Hypothesis Testing Using Python


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