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Given Below is the list of Cihan University’s Quality Assurance coordinators with their corresponding e-mails and scientific departments.


E-mail Address


A.l Mohammed Noori Ali [email protected] Law
A.L. Atta Latif Muhammad [email protected] International relation
Dr. Reem Jafer Ismail [email protected] Computer
Mr. Dosti Rashid [email protected] Biology
A.l Saman Hosseini [email protected] Accounting
Dr. Qusay Hameed [email protected] Business
Dr. Mujeeb Hassan [email protected] Banking
Dr. Alaa salam Jameel [email protected] Health
A.l Omar Mustafa Ahmed [email protected] English
A.l Serwan Aminzadeh [email protected] Translation
A.l Hasan Fahmi Hasan [email protected] Interior
A.L Omar Hasan Fahmi [email protected] Media
A.l Nagham Ismaeel [email protected] Architectural
A.l Yazn Saif Al.din [email protected] Communication
A. L. Waleed Mohammad Qadir [email protected] Civil
A.P Hawder Dlshad [email protected] Physical Education
A.l Avin Muhammed Arif [email protected] Nutrition

Dr. Dler Hussein Kadir 

Director of Quality Assurance

[email protected]