AD Scientific Index Analyzes Announced It’s Latest Ranking

AD Scientific Index analyzes academic studies from 217 countries, 20506 universities/institutions, and 1.343.071 scientists by using numerous criteria to present results to be used for the evaluation of productivity and efficiency by individuals and institutions. In brief, it ranks the university based on its scientists because it is believed that the main parameter for institutional progression is scientific productivity of their scientists based on H-Index. It is worth to say that Cihan University-Erbil has been announced as a first university in the Iraq regardless of public and private universities that hold a very productive scientist who is Prof. Dr. Said Muhammed Sajadi that has the highest index.   However, Cihan University-Erbil has many active researchers that have a high index. According to the website Dr. Mahmood Amin Abdulla has been recorded a first in total i10 index. Furthermore, Dr. Esmail Khalifa and Dr. Alla Salam Jamel had a great role to develop in Cihan University-Erbil level and help it to be recorded as a first university over Iraq level.

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