An analysis Report for students’ feedback 2016-17

This page underscores students’ feedback in all departments of Cihan University-Erbil. Through this page you can obtain information regarding students’ feedback in all departments. Some factors were considered when students are asked to give their opinions about the teaching staff.  The factors were academic title, age, type of the state, gender. etc. and some other questions that were related to students’ level of satisfaction.

Through this page students can give their feedback electronically about the teaching staff.  }

 Average Students’ Feedback based on Department

With respect to students’ feedback of all departments, it can be seen in the table that the average of students’ satisfaction with teaching staff is 4.19. The Department of sport received the highest score of 4.77 and The Department of English received the lowest score of  3.89.


Department Average

Student Feedback

Accounting 4.22
Architectural Engineering 4.03
Biology 4.16
Business Administration 4.04
Civil Engineering 4.38
Communication and Computer Engineering 4.23
Computer Science 3.97
Banking & Financial Sciences 4.44
English 3.89
Health Administration 3.92
Interior Design 4.08
International Relations & Diplomacy 4.60
Law 4.31
Media 4.11
Sport 4.77
Translation 4.58

Student feedback based on departments and state in work

To better understand students’ feedback some light was shed on the effectiveness of their feedback with respect to the lecturer’s state to know whether a student is more satisfied with a full time or part time lecturer (visiting lecturer). According to obtained analysis, students’ feedback on their lecturers is promising.  Students in general were satisfied with both full time and part time lecturers. In light of obtained results students pronounced their satisfaction with a slight preference for full-time lecturers.

Student feedback based on departments and state in work
Departments In work (full-time) In work (part-time)
Accounting  4.24 4.21
Architectural Engineering 3.84 4.21
Biology 4.45 3.93
Business Administration 4.27 3.94
Civil Engineering 4.44 4.32
Communication and Computer Engineering 4.32 4.09
Computer Science 3.87 4.09
Department of Banking & Financial Sciences 4.56 4.41
English 4.00 3.83
Health Administration 4.12 3.80
Interior Design 4.18 3.70
International Relations & Diplomacy 4.61 4.57
Law 4.29 4.32
Media 4.65 3.98
Sport 4.94 4.73
Translation 4.71 4.51

Student feedback based on Academic Title

In their feedback students pronounced different levels of satisfaction with academic titles of the teaching staff. The title of professor scored the highest score of 4.29 whereas assistant professor received the lowest score


Academic Title Average of Score
Assistant Prof 4.15
Assistant Lecturer. 4.19
Full Prof 4.29
Lecturer 4.22

Student feedback based on Age

The age of the teaching staff was another point which was taken into consideration in students’ feedback. As it can be seen in the chart scores of all age groups were satisfactory. The lowest score was 4.02 for younger teaching staff whose ages do not exceed 29. Students preferred the teaching staffs aged 40-49 and they received the highest score

Age Average
Less than 30 4.02
30-39 Y’s 4.22
40-49 Y’s 4.28
50-59 Y’s 4.24
60-69 Y’s 4.10
Greater than 70 4.12

Student feedback based on Qualification

Academic degree was another factor which had been taken into account. Students expressed preference for PhD holders over those holding a master degree. PhD score was 4.21 and master degree score was 4.16.

Students demonstrated a clear preference for the male teaching staffs as it can be seen in the chart.


Qualification Average of SF
M.A. 4.19
M.Sc. 4.19
Ph.D. 4.21

Student feedback based on gender

Students demonstrated a clear preference for the male teaching staffs as it can be seen in the chart.

Gender Average of SF
Female 4.170
Male 4.201


Prepared by :

Dr. Dler Hussein Kadir

Director of Quality Assurance

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