Training Course for Class Leaders of Teaching Staff in Administrative Leadership

The Department of Public Administration at Cihan University-Erbil organized a training course entitled “Training Course for Class Leaders ofTeaching Staff in Administrative Leadership”, in 6 days and 24 hours, which started from 9-17 in May 2021.
The course was presented by the Head of the Department, Dr. Samir Salah El-Din Hamdi, in which the faculty members at the university participated, and which was held in Cihan Hall for Training and Development.
This training course aims to introduce the participants to the importance of the teacher’s ability to lead the classroom, which is one of the most important qualities that he should have as he is responsible for removing monotony, and boredom from students. And that is by diversifying the strategies, methods, events and activities that he applies to them inside the classroom, in addition to his having the power of influence and the ability to direct and invest in students’ energies, abilities and creativity, and motivate them to create and think, analyze and interpret phenomena and solve problems.
The results of this course focus on developing classroom management and leadership skills and strategies, and upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:
A / Preparing the student to transform from a state of total dependence on teaching to self-reliance Teacher-centered to centered – student
B / The transformation of the classroom environment into an environment of partnership, whereby the student becomes a partner in the educational process.
C / The transformation of the classroom environment from a closed environment to an open environment with a variety of teaching methods, activities, and the diversity of opportunities and options available.
D / The transition from a fixed to a mobile environment in which there are different types of students sitting, according to the classroom activity.
At the end of the course, discussion and dialogue was opened between the participating trainees about their personal experiences in managing and leading the classroom, as well as by answering a questionnaire form that was distributed
at the end of the course.

The training course delivered by: Dr. Samir Salah El-Din Hamdi

Target group: The Academic staff of Cihan university Erbil.

Location: Cihan University- Erbil, Training and Development Hall.

Time: 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM

Number of participated : 30

The program of Training course is as below.


Training Course Details

Day Date Time Subject
Sunday 9-05-2021 10 am-2 pm The leadership between efficiency and effectiveness
Monday 10-05-2021 10 am-2 pm The role of the leader in the organization processes
Tuesday 11-06-2021 10 am-2 pm Leader and decision-making during problems and issues
Wednesday 12-06-2021 10 am-2 pm Performance management and measurement under the supervisory leadership control
Sunday 16-06-2021 10 am-2 pm The role of creative thinking in supporting achievement
Monday 17-06-2021 10 am-2 pm The role of leader in the management planning


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