Education Strategies in a Time of Crisis

In the interest of the Department of General Education to keep pace with global developments in the field of education, a workshop was held under the title (Education Strategies in Times of Crisis) on Wednesday 5/5/2021. This workshop aimed to clarify the most important strategies used globally, especially the new ones, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, to address the problems that resulted from the closure of schools and universities and the suspension of the educational process, in whole or in part
The workshop themes were divided into three main axes, which were educational loss and the skills that should be possessed by the teaching staff, as well as steps to build an effective classroom environment for students.
The head of the department, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aoun spoke in the axis of Educational Loss and the extent of the importance of it and the extent of the participation of international organizations including UNESCO, to address the problems that have arisen, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the suspension of education around the world, and the stage of recovery from education disruption, as well as the most important solutions provided globally to reduce educational loss because of its great impacts on societies socially and economically, and in particular sustainable human development.
In the second axis, the Lecturer in the Department of General Education, Dr. Azad Nayyef Mustafa, dealt with the most important skills that teachers should possess to ensure the process of continuous learning, especially in the field of learning and e-learning in light of the repercussions of the crisis as a Covid-19 crisis-19.
In the third axis, The Asst. Lect. Dashne Abdullah Saeed in the Department of General Education included an explanation of how to include the classroom environment virtually and how to motivate students and create motivation for them to ask questions and express their ideas and opinions, as well as a discussion between them within the classroom environment and maintain communication with the teacher within the internationally approved e-learning methods.
After that, the discussion was opened for the guests, and there were valuable contributions from the audience that enriched the topic. Their questions and inquiries were answered by the presenters. It is worth noting that the workshop lasted for (3) hours.


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