Developing Group Discussion Skills

Asst. lecturer Maysa A.Mahmood , staff member of the department of English, is organizing a training course entitled ” Developing Group Discussion Skills” which will start on the 17th of April and continues to the 15th of May. It consists of 5 sessions per week ,held in the training room of the Language Center from 12:30-2:30 .The course is designed for students who are willing to develop their English speaking and discussion skills and also for those who regularly participate in academic debates or discussion activities.

The training is based on the principles of effective education.Tools for speaking and communication techniques are adopted and applied in individual exercises that lead into working group discussion in which participants develop their own presentations and control their  turn-taking.The course also aims at enhancing the students strategies of conversational repair which results in successful discussion and meaningful communication. The last sessions of the course will include feedback to classroom  performance and final assessment.

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