World Diabetes Day

Every year in 14th November is the Day of World Diabetes Day. The aim of this day is to raise awareness of Diabetes that hundred millions of people all around the world live with the disease every single day. According to WHO over 425 million people are currently living with diabetes. Because the day is a very important day in terms of awareness, the Biology Department in Cihan University had been involved in some activities on the day. The Teachers and Students of the Department has held a campaign outside the University for raising awareness of the disease. People around the area were welcomed to check their Diabetes.  In addition, people were told what the risk factors are for Diabetes. The people also were provided lots of information regarding how they can protect themselves from Diabetes. The campaign was carried out by the head of the Department Dr. Hadi M.A. Alsakee, Mr. Ali Muhammad Hussein and Tanya Salam Salim.




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