The Ministry of Peshmerga And Cihan University – Erbil Sign a Joint Cooperation Agreement

On Tuesday, 11/24/2020, a joint cooperation agreement was signed between Cihan University – Erbil and the Ministry of Peshmerga – Reform Directorate on the premises of Reform Directorate in Erbil Governorate.

The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Serbast Lazkin, Deputy Minister of the Peshmerga; Prof. Dr. Amjad Saber Saeed Al-Dalawi, President of Cihan University – Erbil; Major General Delir Omar Miran, Director of the Reform Directorate; Colonel Nokradi, Commander of the German Forces Brigade in the Kurdistan Region; and a number of army officers as well as the German workers in the International Coalition Forces in the region.

It is worth noting that the goal of signing this joint agreement is not only to prepare competent and capable cadres speaking English fluently capable of communication skills with international institutions and organizations, but extends to the field of information technology. Prof. Amjad Saber Delawy suggested opening an information technology laboratory and promised to secure all the equipment needed for this project.

Both parties agreed to work together to build and develop English language and information technology proficiency skills among the employees of the Ministry of Peshmerga by opening educational courses according to the latest methods used internationally for developing learners’ abilities in learning the English language through the Language Center of the Reform Directorate in the Ministry of Peshmerga.

Cihan University – Erbil always seeks to provide full support to all governmental sectors in terms of science, knowledge and technology. And it previously opened several courses in the field of English for Peshmerga officers.

At the end of the ceremony, Prof.Dr. Amjad Saber Saeed Al-Dalawi, President of Cihan University – Erbil, ascertained that the university has highly-qualified academic cadres with the ability to serve and meet the needs of the local community, particularly the heroic Peshmerga forces for the great sacrifices they made to maintain the security and safety of Kurdistan regarding all cultural and academic fields of knowledge.

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