Scrap Art in Interior Design

The Department of Interior Design has held a workshop entitled (Scrap Art in Interior Design) which was presented by (Assist. Lect. Alhan Faris Ibrahim) on 10-11- March-2019 in Cihan University-Erbil. The workshop explained the term of (scarp) and the metals materials types used in that art. Also, how to get benefits of scrap metals in recycling and reducing the impacts of un-useful metal materials on the environment, as well as saving energy, savings materials used, reduction in water used, reduction pollution and wastes. The Scraps can be used again in art and interior design. In addition, the workshop aims to raise the skills and creativity of students by showing them many examples of how to use scrap metals in art and design. Practical work has been set on the second day of the workshop by using un-used available metals in creating a new piece of art.

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