Rumors Through Social Media and Ways to Confront

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 30-31/3/2021, the Department of Media at the College of Arts and Letters at Cihan University- Erbil organized a workshop entitled (Rumors through social media and ways to confront) at the Cihan Academy Hall in the university
the first axis of the workshop, under the title of the meaning of rumors, their types and division via the Internet and social media the assistant teacher, Abeer Jabbar Mahmoud deliver it
In the second axis, Dr. Zhyan Othman presented a seminar entitled Psychological Factors for Spreading Rumors and their Psychological Effects on Society
The third axis dealt with the legal aspects of spreading rumors and the governing laws presented by Dr. Younis Salah al-Din
In the last and fourth axis, the assistant teacher, Omar Hassan Fahmy, presented the axis of rumor models and how to combat them and reverse their impact
The workshop was attended by a large number of faculty and students.

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