Learning Management System-Moodle

As a strategy project of Cihan University-Erbil in developing the Electronic Learning (EL) system, Dr. Hasan F. Hasan has held a 4 weeks intensive training course entitled “Learning Management System-Moodle in Cihan University-Erbil as a Platform to Improve Teaching and Learning Performance”. The training course was opened up and supported by the president of Cihan University Prof. Dr. Amjad Saber Al-Delawi. The significance of holding a training course, to show the development of the Moodle platform as a learning management system to all facilities. Furthermore, illustrating how Moodle improves instructors’ teaching and students’ learning performance and how to force to enhance student’s academic activities inside/outside the classroom. All participants from the heads of departments and the academic staff were highly engaged and share their comments and suggestions regarding how they can get involved in the system and apply it as a learning management system.


Trainer: Dr. Hasan Fahmi Hasan

Trainees: All-Academic Staff

Duration: 4 weeks, 6 hours per week

Starting date: 15/12/2019

Ending date: 15/1/2020


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