Contemporary Marketing

The Department of Business Administration organized a workshop entitled “Contemporary Marketing” which was held in the Academy Hall with the participation of a group of University’s professors. The workshop included three main parts, Marketing and Sales, Social Marketing, and Digital Marketing during Ramadan season.
The first section in (25-04-2021) was presented by Assistant Lecturer Azwar Mahdi Saleh, as it dealt with the concept of marketing and sales and the stages that the product goes through until it reaches the hand of the consumer and the difference between marketing and sales.
The second part (26-04-2021) was presented by Lecturer Sahar Jalal Fatah. This part dealt with social marketing aiming at using advertisements and marketing campaigns for the purpose of spreading ideas in the community to eliminate negative practices of human beings such as domestic violence, drugs, smoking, drinking Alcohol, and bullying.
The last part (26-04-2021) was presented by the Assistant Lecturer, Bushra Ali and it dealt with digital marketing during Ramadan. Marketing and digital marketing during Ramadan season plays an essential role to increase the sales of certain products, most of the brands start their Ramadan marketing campaigns early before Ramadan season by depending on social media influencers or by seizing the opportunity to use most of the TV shows and Ramadan series to increase the marketing campaigns and focus it more to shows Ramadan symbol such as dates, lanterns, crescent moon. Most of the brands offer sales over certain products such as travelling tickets or food staff which is considered as one of the product lines that are consumed during Ramadan.
The workshop ended with a series of questions and answers that opened the way for discussion on the main topics addressed by the workshop presenters.

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