Opening theatre team and film productions by Ahmed Salar

A famous artist Ahmed Salar opened the first theatre team and film productions in Cihan University on 3rd February 2022 with the presence of Dr. Nawzad Bajgr the Chairman of Board of Trustees, Dr. Amjad Al-Delewi Cihan University President, Burhan Sabir the Head of Culture Center, Hewa Suaad the President of Artists Syndicate-Erbil branch and Salim Gardy the Deputy General Manager in Culture and Art Ministry. Many speeches had read by mentioned persons. Dr. Bajgr gave a decision and responsibility of theatre team to Arsalan Darwesh, then Darwesh explained the concept and objective behind the theatre team and he specified the first activity of the team which will be a theatre of William Shakespeare named by Hamlet. In the event many bunches of flowers presented to many well-known persons, Finally the event terminated by playing some music by Yazen.

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