Mobile Phone Security

Computer science department had held a workshop for the staff and students of computer science entitled: ” Mobile Phones Security “. The workshop presented by Asst. Lect. Khalid Fadhil Jasim in Cihan university-Erbil, Building 9, 3rd floor, Computer LAB 9316, on  17/5/ 2018 at 10:30 am. Where about 9 lecturers and 48 students have been attended the Workshop.

In this workshop the following topics were presented and discussed:

  • Introduction
  • Evolving of Mobile Generations ( 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G)
  • Encryption Algorithms
  • ZUC Cipher
  • Secure Mobile Phones Devices:  ESD Cryptophone 500i
  • Technical Specifications of ESD Cryptophone 500i
  • Encryption in ESD Cryptophone 500i
  • Conclusion

Also, the workshop covered practical part such as Demo of Secure Encrypted transmission between two mobile phone devices, examples of Secure Software applications for Mobiles (e.g. Android devices and iOS devices), implementation of SNOW 3G Cipher software, and description of Android Studio software used for the design of Mobile applications.


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