Kurdish Speech Recognition

Cihan University-Erbil announced the national project to serve the Kurdish Language.  Dr Hadi Waisi presented the workshop entitled (Kurdish Speech Recognition) . In the presence of Dr Amjad Sabir, the president of the Cihan University- Erbil, number of academic head departments for Cihan-Erbil, Lebanese-France, Koya and Salahaddin universities On Monday 23/07/2018 at 12:00 PM Dr Hadi Veisi who expert in the IT has presented a seminar on (Kurdish Speech Recognition) at Cihan Academia Hall- Cihan University Erbil. Dr Hadi Veisi presented the core of the topic about (Kurdish Speech Recognition; he delivered his aims and data to the audience using a data projector that he extensively has worked at Aso Soft teamwork). Before this, he analysed for Persian language and showed the significance of using this software for the business companies, government offices and private sectors in our daily life. Further, he has talked about the obstacles in front of the Kurdish language and being utilised in this field, compared with another universe languages. At the end of the workshop, the topic has been debated by IT and linguistic experts audience.


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