Implementation of National University Ranking (NUR) on Departments Level

In order to Improve Quality of Cihan University and developing the University Ranking, Cihan University did two workshops in the VIP hall and in Directorate of Quality Assurance inside Cihan Campus by order of the Cihan University President Prof. Dr Amjad Deloy with the presence of a remarkable number of Academic Staff and Department coordinators. At the beginning of the meeting Dr. Amjad Deloy gave a speech talking about efforts that different Departments and Directory of Quality Assurance used in order to reach the current level of higher education. Moreover, in 2020-2021 Cihan University achieved first level in NUR competition at the level of Kurdistan and in his speed focused on using more effort in order to accomplish more achievements. Then, thanked those Academic Staff that published their valuable publications on either local or international journals, those Academic Staff have a great impact on ranking progress and even for their personal profit because Cihan University has a Reward Publication System and it destines a huge budget for the publishers each month. At the end of his speed, he notified the staff to be more aware of their duties and be more active and creative.
After that, Dr. Salah Yahya gave a speech explaining the publication system and clarifying the detail of university system for academic staff to have deeper understanding about their duties and University System. Then, he talked about Cihan Department Ranking (CDR) which was founded in 2021, CDR provides the definitive list of the CUE best Departments. They are a vital resource for academics and students. CDR is used for matching the Departments and Cihan University visions also it is a powerful comparison tool use to rank and evaluate the Departments in different sides by using two different types of evaluation which are Peer Review Evaluation and Bibliometric Evaluation.

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