Health Carnival

On Monday 23rd of April, 2018, The Cultural Centre at Cihan University has organized an outstanding health awareness activity by launching “Health Carnival” campaign, aiming to emphasize the hygiene and health awareness aspects focusing on dental health and hygiene. The event was held in with cooperation of LCT team, and with the aid of an amazing volunteering team of DENTAID. The activities included in this event were as follow: 1. Oral and dental examination. 2. Providing hygiene instructions and tips concerning oral and dental health. 3. Nutritional awareness about healthy food for dental health. 4. Testing the effect of carbonated water on the dental wellbeing. 5. Distribution of free packages including toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwashes, provided by (Vitis) Denatid. 6. Testing blood glucose level. 7.  Checking blood pressure. 8.  Calculation of BMI (body mass index). 9. Blood group detection test. 10. Providing instructions about diabetes, obesity and smoking with some preventive measures and tips. The appreciation is extended to both (vitis) dentaid and Cihan University for their outstanding role and the support provided, looking forward for upcoming successful activities in the near future.

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