Department of Civil Engineering  Conducted a three days workshop On Monday 6th May 2019. The Workshop on the modeling and analyzing reinforced concrete and steel structures by using the powerful engineering structural analysis and design software tool ETABS  has been started at the College of Engineering. The Workshop will be continued on 3 Sessions (12 Hours).

TheWorkshop  will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the use of ETABS graphical interface
  • Basic modeling skills including element types, meshing, material properties.
  • Analysis of buildings for dead, live, wind and earthquake analysis, including the response spectra analysis
  • Use of P-Delta effect
  • Modeling of floors, ramps and parking structures including SAFE
  • Construction sequence loading
  • Use of Similar stories and Master floors
  • Design of concrete and steel frames, composite and shear wall design with openings
  • Creating complex concrete sections using graphical custom section design.
  • Raft Foundations.

The course organized and delivered by

1- Prof.Dr. Sabih Hashim Alzuhairy – Civil Engineering Department

2- Ass.Lect. Mustafa Aziz Amin – Architectural Engineering Department  

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