Developing Pragmatic BA Programs for Translation and English Departments

This workshop is collaboration between Translation and English departments in order to design a realistic undergraduate program for each cited department in consensus with the European Standards (i.e., Bologna Process). This task is a collaborative endeavor and requires group work.  An undergraduate study program should encompass an eight-semester course covering pertinent modules which meet the overall learning outcomes set by each department`s scientific committee beforehand. Scanning, evaluating, and fixing each module according to their weight and importance require the qualified teaching staff holding pertinent specialty. Therefore, it entails teaching staff`s collaboration to gain this aim.

Therefore, the outcomes for this workshop can be listed as follows:

  • To justify the old curriculum`s revision;
  • To improve the curriculum by adding, merging, or replacing some modules in a purposeful way;
  • To make the program more pragmatic so that it observes the pre-set learning outcomes;
  • To provide a student-centered program in which the students are allowed to learn inside and outside the classroom;
  • To take benefits from the ideas and suggestions presented by the teaching staff with different specialty in developing the new program;
  • To meet the requirements of the Bologna Process in redesigning the departments` programs.

To gain these goals, seminars on different aspects of the topic will be presented by the teaching staff; the basics of Bologna Process and its application in improving the curriculums will be explained by each department`s coordinators, and worksheets (i.e., forms and catalogues of Bologna Process) will be distributed among the participants in order to fill out.


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