Curriculum Development

On February 2nd, 2020, The Head of the computer science department Asst.  Lect. Mohammed Hussein Shukur has held a one day workshop entitled “Computer Science Curriculum Development”. The workshop focused on
developing curriculum in a computer science department at Cihan University- Erbil/Duhuk and Sulaymaniyah.
The computer science department at Cihan University- Erbil has the honor of attending this workshop by the head of the computer science department of CihanUniversity- Duhuk and Cihan University- Sulaymaniyah.
The workshop started with presenting the curriculum for the department of computer science/ Cihan University- Erbil and the Bologna process program for the first level that the university started with it at the beginning of the academic year 2019-2020. Then, review the complete curriculum to develop the courses to keep up to date with the development of information technology and communications in the world and covering the modern computer science fields like robotics and mobile programming applications.




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