Blended Learning: Technologies and Instructions

As a continuous improvement of teaching and learning process in Cihan University-Erbil, Department of Computer Science, Dr. Hasan Fahmi Al-Delawi was held a 5 days intensive training course entitled “Blended Learning: Technologies and Instructions”. The training course was opened up and supported by the president of Cihan University Prof. Dr. Amjad Saber Al-Delawi.
The significance of holding the training course, to specify and illustrate the blended learning technologies as a university’s platform to facilitate the teaching and learning process. Furthermore, illustrating how the Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle Platform improves instructors’ teaching and students’ learning performance and how to enhance student’s academic activities inside/outside the classroom. All participants from the heads of departments and the academic staff were highly engaged and shared their comments and suggestions regarding how they interact with the blended learning approach through using the university platform and applying the required instructions.

Trainer: Dr. Hasan Fahmi Al-Delawi
Trainees: All-Academic Staff
Duration: 5 days.
Starting date: 16/9/2020
Ending date: 22/9/2020

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Course Outline













Day 1


General Overview:

·      What is Flipped Classroom?

·      Why Adobe Captivate?

·      How Gamified Moodle?

Adobe Captivate:

·      E-Learning and Captivate.

·      Exploring Captivate.

·      New Project.





Day 2

Adobe Captivate:

·      Recording.

·      Captions, Styles, & Timing.

·      Images.

·      Pointers, Paths, Boxes & Buttons.





Day 3

Adobe Captivate:

·      Audio.

·      Video.

·      Interactivity.

·      Working with PowerPoints.





Day 4

Gamified Moodle:

·      Level Up (Points).

·      Leaderboard.





Day 5

Gamified Moodle:

·         Completion Progress.

·         Restrict Access.



Day 6 Practice & Real Project Assignment

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