Biomedical Sciences Department Conducted an International Workshop

On the Mar, 21 and 23, 2022 an international workshop has been conducted by Dr. Ali M. Hussein with Gaziantep and Karahramanmaras universities in turkey. Workshop has been held in Gaziantep and Karahramanmaras campuses when many subjects were discussed including: the educational system and academics in Cihan university-Erbil generally and Biomedical sciences department specifically. Another subject taking place in the discussion during the workshop was regarding the students participations in both international programs which are Erasmus and Frabi, also many idea has been interchanged about the Exchange of academic and administrative staff, Exchange of students, Conducting collaborative research projects, Conducting lectures and organizing symposia, Exchange of academic information and materials, Promoting collaboration in fields of mutual interest, Promoting other academic cooperation as mutually agreed. The outcome of the workshop was an attempt to sign a memorandum between both universities and collaboration for conducting scientific research’s.

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