A new team of Quality Assurance

A new team of Quality Assurance was formed for 2018 – 2019. The team comprises of the following members. They are willing to repeat the remarkable achievement of the last year.

Dr. Dler Hussein Kadir Director
A.L.Atta Latif Muhammad Member
Dr. Reem Jafar Ismail Member
Mr. Sirwan Abdolkhalagh Abdollah Member
A.L.Huda Yassen Member
A.L. Hasan F. Hasan Member
Dr. Sahar Hilal Abdulrida Aldujaili Member
A.L. Yazn Saif Al.din Member
A.L.Saman Hosseini Member
A.L. Mohamad Taha Sultan Member
A.L. Waleed Mohammad Qadir Member
A.L. Manaf Basil Raewf Member
A.L. Dosti Rashid Member
A.L. Omar Al haydari Member
Dr. Qusay Hameed Al-Salami Member
A.P. Hawder Dlshad Abdulqader Member
Shaubo Saad Aziz Member
Zainab Aziz Bakr Member


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